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Pascal is an in-house developed Data Analytical platform for Financial markets.

Pascal is

a high performance ultra-low latency system
built for high volume algorithmic trading
multi user, multi strategy, multi segments and multi exchanges supported system
a system with data driven risk models for disciplined trading
a real time monitoring system
a smart system backed with data-driven decision-making curated using statistical modelling and layers of intelligence
a system which support multiple order types with multi-instruments
easy to integrate

Pascal is for all kind of Financial Intermediaries

Key features

Data Processing system

Enables quick processing of data received from Exchange.

Database Management System

Seamless flow of data through data integrity along with data recovery mechanism.

Signal Management System

Seamless signal generation as per pre-decided execution policy.

Execution Management System

Robust execution integration with broker's OMS/RMS APIs.

Order Monitoring System & Services

Enables monitoring of entire order chain including identification of anomalies, if any.

Quantity Management System

Ensure quantity control based on pre-decided parameters.

Risk Management System

Effective risk management tools based on pre-decided parameters.

Real time System Health Monitoring

Automated health monitoring models ensure seamless functioning of various systems.

Disaster Management System

A mix of automated and manual disaster management models & control to tackle unhandled anomalies.

Configuration Management System

Robust system for defining execution policies and tweaking of pre-decided variables, if required.


An advance system for interactive dashboard.

Infrastructure Setup Service

An end-to-end service to set up the technical infrastructure.